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MD&M East Conference - May 22-24
Meet our team at the MD&M East Conference on May 22 - May 24, 2012 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philidelphia, PA.  For more information about registration please visit the Medical Device and Manufacturing Conference here.
Medical Web Development
In today's world most physicians are starting to realize the power of the the web when speaking with their patients.  More and more patients enter the office with information they've scoured from the web.  Ironically, most physicians still do not have a web site.  Moreover, those that do have a web site, are not using them to engage their patients.  At we develop web sites for physicians which allow you to educate your patients.  This can be a topic-of-week or daily Q/A session where patients can learn and engage you directly.  Not only does this build a communication channel with your existing patients, but it also allows you to educate people that are not yet your patient.  We have developed several innovative methods for building a patient-interactive web site that educates and expands your medical practice beyond the office.  Call us today to learn more.