About Bioneering Technologies

Drug Discovery Services That Make Sense

Bioneering technologies is based in Cambridge, MA- the biotechnology and pharmaceutical hub of the USA.  Our team consists of pharmaceutical scientists with extensive experience in assay development and high-throughput screening (HTS).  Cambridge, MA provides a unique environment for leading-edge expertise from a variety of technology leaders include academic, pharmaceutical, and govenment agencies.  Expertise, however, is only part of the equation for success. 

At Bioneering, we focus on the fusion between biotechnology, engineering, and pioneering sevices (hence, Bioneering).  Our service-based business model that allows any company, large pharma to small biotech, instant access to leading edge technology without the cost of added infrastucture.  Our clients pay for data, not instruments.  We focus on expertise in running assays that meet needs of our clients.

Our clients focus on drug discovery, we focus on providing the data they need.  If you have any questions about the type of services we can peform for your drug discovery needs, please contact us here.