Biochemical Assays

Biochemical Assays

Current technologies provide information on biochemical assays that leave parts of the picture missing.  For example, most biochemical assays rely on functional assay performance.  If a protein activity is disrupted via a small molecule interation, the resulting product may not be produced.  Most detection priciples rely on detection of the resulting product to determine the activity of the interaction.

At Bioneering technologies, we use a two-pronged approach.  Our detection platform allows us to determine if biochemical interation occurs via direct-bind information.  We generate 2 sets of data:

  1. Does the small-molecule interact with the target protein of interest?
  2. Does the resulting interaction disrupt the functional activity of the interaction?

Given that most detection platforms rely on functional activity, only one of the 2 questions can be addressed.  Our technologies, we are able to determine if a binding even occurs AND if the binding event disrupts functional activity.

We can literally test any kind of biochemical interaction, including kinase, anti-body, protease, lingand-binding, enzymatic assays, and more.  You provide the materials, we provide the data directly to you in a format that meets your needs, with short turn-around time.