Drug Discovery Services

About Bioneering Technologies

From our headquarters in Cambridge, MA, Bioneering Technologies' scientists serve clients with needs in drug discovery. We are a global provider of solutions that advance the drug discovery and development process. Our leading-edge products and services are designed to enable our clients to bring drugs to market faster and more efficiently. Backed by our rigorous, best-in-class procedures and our proven data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities, our products and services are organized into three categories spanning every step of the drug development pipeline: Assay Development Services, Drug Discovery Screening Services, and Preclinical Services.

Why Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies Outsource Drug Discovery and Development Research to Us

Outsourcing helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies put more drug candidates in the pipeline, move those compounds through the pipeline faster, and at the same time control development costs.  Our unique approach to service-based drug discovery allows low-entry cost to many new technologies.  In many cases, the research programs at pharmaceutical companies are operating at or near capacity. Outsourcing helps them pursue the development of a greater number of compounds without taking on the added capital expense of constructing new facilities, hiring new people, and outfitting new labs with expensive equipment. In addition, outsourcing allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to focus their internal R&D assets on core activities.